Unicorn, super-8mm, color, 12 minutes


Shoulder Extensions, super-8mm, color, 15 minutes
Body painting, super-8mm, color
Mata Hari, White 1, White 2, Yoni, Black 1, Black 2, super-8mm, color


Performances 1, documentation of eight performances: Red Limbs, Red Breast, Black Expansion, Black Cockfeathers, Head Balance, Shoulder Extensions, Feather Instrument, Simon-Sigmar; 16mm, color, 22 minutes; Camera: B. Liebner, K. P. Brehmer; video edition includes supplementary performances from 1970 and 1971


Performances 2, documentation of nine performances: Unicorn, Head Extension, White Body Fan, Finger Gloves, Feather Finger, Gavin, Cockfeather Mask, Pencil Mask, Cockatoo Mask; 16mm, color, sound, 38 minutes; Production: Helmut Wietz; with D. Finke, Gavin, Karin Halding, E. Mitzka


Flamingos, 16mm, color, uncompleted


Berlin (10 Nov. 1974 – 28 Jan. 1975) – Exercises in nine parts: Dreaming under water of things afar, documentation of eight performances with an epilogue: Touching the walls with both hands simultaneously, Blinking, Feathers dance on the shoulders, Keeping hold of those unfaithful legs, Two little fish remember a dance, Rooms meet in mirrors, Shedding skin between moist tongue leaves, Cutting one’s hair with two pairs of scissors simultaneously, When a woman and her lover lie on one side looking at each other; and she twines her legs around the man’s legs with the window wide open, it is the oasis; 16mm, color, sound, 42 minutes; Production: Helmut Wietz; with Rebecca Horn, Guido Kerst, Lisa Liccini, Otto Sander, Veruschka von Lehndorff, Michel Würthle


Paradise Widow, 16mm, sound, uncompleted; Production: Helmut Wietz; with Ingrid Erdmann


The Chinese Fiancée, 16mm, colour; Camera: Ed Bowes, Sound: Tom Bowes


Der Eintänzer, 16mm, color, sound, 47 minutes, English language, full-length feature film; Written and directed by: Rebecca Horn, Production and Camera: Bodo Kessler, Camera assistant: Peter Schnall, Editor: Inge Kuhnert, Sound: Morning Pastorak, Voice-over: Rebecca Horn, Collaboration on objects: Dieter Müller; with Timothy Baum (Max), Greta Konstantinescu (Geta), Elisabeth Martin (Mary), Kathleen Martin (Kathleen), Nada (Sushi-Chef), David Warrilow (Frazer) and Kim Araki, Lisa Friedmann, Kristina Maria Jaroshenka, Susanne Diana Lee, Donna Ritchie


La Ferdinanda: Sonata for a Medici Villa, 35mm, color, sound, 85 minutes, German language, full-length feature film, a co-production with the Westdeutsche Rundfunk, Cologne; Written and directed by: Rebecca Horn, Assistant Director: Fabio Jephcott, Camera: Jiri Kadanka, Camera assistant: Rainer März, Editor: Inge Kuhnert, Assistant editor: Ulrike Zimmermann, Music: Ingfried Hoffmann, Lighting: Heinz Stellmacher, Gerhard Lange, Sound: Christian Moldt, Norman Engel, Objects and design: Rebecca Horn, Decor: Ida Gianelli, Costumes: Janken Jansen, Make-up: Cesare Paciotti, Hair styling: Luciana Maria Constanzi, Line producers: Sarah Blum, Cesare Landriccina; with Valentina Cortese (Caterina de Dominicis), Javier Escriba (Dr. Marchetti), Gisela Hahn (Paola), Hans Peter Hallwachs (Commissar Bella), Michael Maisky (Mischa Boguslawsky), Daniele Passani (Larry Jones), Rita Poelvoorde (Simona), David Warrilow (Richard Sutherland) and Maurizio Caratozzolo, Pietra and Armona Pistoletto, Renate Reiche, Francisco Ricasoli


Buster’s Bedroom, 35mm, color, sound, 104 minutes, English language, full-length feature film, a co-production with Metropolis Filmproduktion GmbH & Co KG, Berlin, Les Productions du Verseau, Montreal, and Prole Film LDA, Lisbon, in co-operation with Limbo Film AG, Zürich, and the Westdeutsche Rundfunk, Cologne; Directed by: Rebecca Horn, Screenplay: Rebecca Horn and Martin Mosebach, based on a story by Rebecca Horn, Produced by: George Reinhart, Camera: Sven Nykvist, Editor: Barbara von Weitershausen, Sound editor: Gisela Lüpke, Assistant sound editor: Oliver Gieth, Carla Bogalheiro, Art direction: Nana von Hugo, Music: Sergej Kuryokhin, Ingfried Hoffmann, Sound: Uwe Kersten, Costume designer: Françoise Laplante, Construction of objects: Hasje Boeyen, Production: Luciano Gloor, Line producer: Udo Heiland; with Donald Sutherland (O’Connor), Geraldine Chaplin (Diana Daniels), Valentina Cortese (Serafina Tannenbaum), Taylor Mead (James), Amanda Ooms (Micha Morgan), Ari Snyder (Lenny Silver), David Warrilow (Mr. Warlock), Martin Wuttke (Joe) and Maria Dulce, Abel Fernandes, Nina Franoszek, Tilly Lauenstein, Lena Lessing, Steve Olson, Mary Woronow


Cutting Through the Past, a documentary by Rebecca Horn for the retrospective exhibition at the Guggenheim Museum, New York, with a conversation between Donald Sutherland and Rebecca Horn; 16mm, color, sound, 55 minutes, English language


Rebecca Horn Films, portfolio with all extant films by the artist on 3 DVDs (PAL) and a signed C-print Cockfeather Mask, Performances 2, 1973/2003, edition of 300 plus 30 APs


Moon Mirror Journey. In her film, internationally renowned artist Rebecca Horn looks back at her most important works from the past 25 years. A project by the Moontower Foundation; direction and texts: Rebecca Horn, music: Hayden Chisholm, editing: Oliver Gieth, 72 minutes, DVD